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Tentative Agenda

Day 1: 22 May 2019
Time Conference Room C: EV and Battery Tech India Summit
0930-1100 hrs Opening Ceremony

Chief Guest:
Shri Durga Shanker Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Urban and Housing Affairs, Govt. of India
1100-1130 hrs Tea break
1130-1300 hrs Plenary Session: Electrifying the future: Learning and way forward from Global Leaders

Session focus:

• Status of schemes, regulations, policies, subsidies and challenges
• Need of financing for EVs
• Trends in growth of various EV types i.e. 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, cars and buses
• EV manufacturing and supporting technologies
• EV design and mass adoption
• Overcoming the cost challenges
• Electric vehicle safety standards
• Investment models
1300-1400 hrs Lunch
1400-1515 hrs India’s EV charging infrastructure

Session focus:

• Current status of charging infrastructure from home charging to fast charging, swapping and way forward
• Barriers in deploying charging infrastructure
• Vision target and policy measures
• Role of utilities in developing charging infrastructure
• Emerging EVs charging ecosystem i.e solar, park and charge, etc.
• Investments opportunities
1515-1530 hrs Tea break
1530-1645 hrs Energy Storage for EVs

Session focus:

• Present status and future trends in technology, performance and costs
• Batteries and battery management systems
• Next generation battery materials and technologies
• Manufacturing opportunities in India
• Investments opportunities

Day 2: 23 May 2019
Time Conference Room C: EV and Battery Tech India Summit
1000-1130 hrs EV Workshop: Charging-as-a-Service: for Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Cities
If and how-to setup and manage EV charging business?


India is 4th largest automobile market in the world, and has many eyes on its EV adoption pathway. The existing TCO for many of commercial use cases (2-Wheelers, 3-Wheelers, 4-Wheelers, Buses) for EVs is already coming attractive over ICE options, and it is going to only improve with further falling battery prices and buildup of the supporting infra & other broader ecosystem. This visible high commercial fleet adoption of EVs should further drive personal adoption in 2-Wheelers and 4-Wheelers, and the combination shall allow India meet its 30%+ overall adoption target by 2030.

Ease and affordability of EV charging will play very important role for this adoption to happen, and this is providing huge opportunity for innovations and new business models around EV charging for both commercial and individual applications. EV charging business’ further integration with EV fleet management, battery leasing, battery swapping, grid load management, renewable integration, decentralized storage and grid interaction, etc. widen up the opportunities.

This Workshop shall focus on building deeper insights into:
• Different use cases of EVs, their overall economics to drive adoption
• Requirements for EV charging (setup and operations) and associated economics and new business models (including battery swapping)
• Charger technologies, makes and system design & performance considerations for different applications
• Technology readiness for grid load management, vehicle-to-grid interactions, renewable integration etc.
• Communications and IT backbone of charging ecosystem to interface with customers, EVs, and the grid
• Overall operations management of charging-as-a-service, and how to price it
• And a lot more…
1000-1045 hrs Business Models and Pricing for Charging-as-a-Service
• Mapping of EV use cases (across 2-Wheeler/ 3-Wheeler/ 4-Wheeler/ Bus; commercial fleet vs. personal use; fixed vs. swapping battery) to charging infrastructure requirements
• EV use cases attractiveness and adoption measured in terms of Total cost of Ownership
• Opportunity sizing for EV Charging-as-a-service in India, and its segmentation
• Growth Drivers for rise of EV and Charging Business opportunities in India
• Different Charging Business models and entry strategies (Learning from various rollout deployments)
• Pricing for Charging-as-a-Service with scenarios and investment analysis

Expert: Mr. Rahul Bagdia, Director & Co-founder, pManifold, India
1045-1130 hrs Charger make, Technologies and Performance
• EV charger types and important technical characteristics – slow vs. fast; off-board vs. on-board; vehicle segment specific; home vs. public charging; battery chemistry and size inter-relation;
• EV charger constituents and key elements that impact charging performance
• New technology innovations, features and readiness (vehicle-to-grid interactions, renewable integration, grid load management etc.)
• Considerations for chargers selection and procurement; role for standards;
• Best practices in Chargers setup, operations and maintenance

Expert: Mr. Priyank Agrawal, Head Mobility, Exicom, India
1130-1145 hrs Tea break
1145-1230 hrs Charger overall System Integration, Backend and Operations
• Understanding interactions and impact of slow vs. fast charging on Battery/EV performance and also on the Grid
• Technology options and key considerations for interfacing Charger with Battery/EV and Grid (hardware/ software/ communication)
• IT operationalization for EV Charging-as-a-Service model (for fixed vs. swapping battery systems)
• Charging operations and business risks mitigation
• Technology readiness for quick launch of charging-as-a-service model

Ms. Prabhjot Kaur, CEO, Esmito, India
1230-1315 hrs Conclusion
1315-1400 hrs Lunch break

Who can benefit

  • Entrepreneurs looking to enter into EVs and/or Charging business
  • Real Estate and Business Owners (Mall, Hotel, Parking, Petrol etc.)
  • City Officials (Urban, Smart, Transport etc.)
  • Vehicle OEMs (ICE and EV), Retrofitters
  • EV Components, Infra and Service providers
  • Fleet Operators
  • EV and other Automobile Dealers
  • Power Distribution Utilities
  • Consultants
  • Solar System Integrators
  • IT cos.
  • Investors

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