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3rd Transport India 2018 Expo

Call for Papers

Take a part in shaping the future of transport! The conference technical committee is accepting the abstract on the following topics:

Green transportation: Roadmap

  Policies for EVs/HEVs
  Analyse market trends
  Understanding EV consumers
  Optimization of fast charging infrastructure
  Financing opportunities
  Incentive schemes
  Opportunities in storage/batteries segment
  Environmental benefits of Electric Drive

Green transportation: Technologies

  Advances in EVs: Autonomy, performance and efficiency
  Technologies for improving efficiency of EVs/HEVs
  Refining and improving the batteries
  Battery safety and standards
  Grid advancements
  Adoption of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure

Efficient urban public transport and facilities

  Policies and regulations for public transport
  Challenges and future road map
  Implementation the plan of expanding the current rail and road network
  Upgradation of railways, airports, roads, highways and bus terminals
  Smart tolling

Inter-city multimodal connectivity for economic development

  Corridor development
  Sustainable and affordable air transit
  Sea ports development
  Interstate agreements for goods, freight and logistics vehicles
  Inland waterways transportation
  Smart highways
  Simplification of tax structure
  Rest stops for transporters/drivers

Developing the intra-city multimodal infrastructure

  City bus services
  Transit through metro, trams, pods, etc.
  Efficient local rail network
  Solutions for last mile connectivity
  Infrastructure for non-motorised transport

Traffic management & road safety

  Road safety management
  Intelligent traffic system
  Economic aspect of road safety
  Improving infrastructure
  Traffic police initiatives
  Enforcement of laws
  Pathways for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles

Parking infrastructure and management for smart cities

  Implementation of the Park & Ride facilities around the public transportation
  Technologies to facilitate parking operations
  Innovative parking solutions to improve capabilities and monetization
  Automated car parks
  Importance of parking to reduce congestions in the city
  Connected parking systems
  Better space utilisation through valued engineering design

Intelligent transport system (Connected vehicles)

  Wireless communications and vehicular networking
  Internet of things
  Cooperative driving, intelligent and autonomous vehicles
  Automotive electronics and automatic control
  Manufacturing and product safety engineering
  Practices, recommendations and standards
  Policy, economics and social implications
  Impact assessment and benefits
  Education, training and awareness

Developing a skill driver programme in a smart city

  Problems faced by the drivers in the current road and driving environment
  Recognising the needs of vulnerable road users
  Understanding of the vehicle anatomy
  Understanding of traffic control devices
  Driver behavior
  Rules, road regulations & the right of way
  Defensive driving & hazard perception
  Handling of emergencies and incidents
Abstract Submission Form

Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting the abstract:

  • The Conference technical committee will review all abstracts that have been submitted on time and in the correct format
  • The sessions are of the panel discussions format with one keynote presentation. The call for papers is open only for panelist opportunity and not for making the power point presentations. The keynote slots are reserved for contributions covering a wider scope which are of interest to audience and address the progress and novelties within the topic. All the panellists are required to submit the presentation by certain deadline after acceptance of the abstract.
  • Speakers will be notified of the outcome of their submission by email after 3 weeks of deadline.
  • Abstract Submission deadline is 28th February, 2017
  • Please avoid double submissions. In case you would like to replace or adjust your previously submitted abstract, please send the new version through email.
  • Please make sure the entries you are making should be correct as it will used for promotion till the end of the expo
  • Applications send by other means will not be accepted.
  • Commercial texts promoting particular products will not be accepted.
  • All information is to be provided in English only
  • Co-Presenters are not allowed
  • Organizer does not cover travel, accommodation and ground logistics costs but speakers enjoy free charge registration for entire event
  • Speakers must be aware that the Conference Technical Committee reserves the right to cancel their participation if they do not comply with these guidelines that will be sent at the end of the selection procedure.

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